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Export Ban Lifted

December 18, 2015

Update on 2016 Consolidated Appropriations Bill

Tim Charters |
NSWA Vice President of Governmental & Regulatory Affairs

The Consolidated Appropriations Bill of 2016 - the legislation containing a lift of the United States crude export ban - has passed the House of Representatives and the Senate.

The majority of Republicans, and overwhelming majority of Democrats voted for the package. The vote was much bigger than folks actually thought it would be.

Thanks to those who helped in passage of exports legislation

Mike Cantrell | NSWA Chairman [http://files.ctctcdn.com/288265a5201/7cbf9b7d-32d4-467f-9650-b9c3b4016288.jpg]

With so many Democrats supporting the omnibus spending bill, it's unthinkable that the President won't support it.

Tim Charters, our dedicated lobbyist in Washington, DC, has been deeply involved in the legislative process of lifting the ban on U.S. crude exports and has played a critical role in getting this legislation passed. He deserves our appreciation in helping with this legislation to hopefully raise oil prices, and help our stripper well producers keep producing the energy to meet America's economic and national security needs.

Additionally, major kudos should be given to the Domestic Energy Producers Alliance (DEPA) and its Chairman Harold Hamm. NSWA is one of DEPA's collaborating trade association partners, but without Chairman Hamm and DEPA leading the charge, this legislation would never have occurred.