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Cantrell Named Oilman of the Year

4/12/2005 - Cantrell named Oilman of the Year

SEMINOLE, OKLA. -- The oil and natural gas industry, along with state and national leaders, recognized Mike Cantrell as Oklahoma Oilman of the Year at the Oklahoma Oil Museum’s annual awards dinner Saturday, April 9 in Seminole.

During the awards presentation, Mike Terry, advisory board member of the museum, said Cantrell’s contributions to the petroleum industry and the state made him deserving of this award.

“Many of us in this room have spent our entire lives in the oil and gas industry,” Terry said. “The contributions of this one man have positively impacted your business and your livelihood in ways you can’t imagine. I can say without any reservations that I know of no other person who has done more to make our industry strong.”

Along with being the current chairman of Cantrell Energy Corporation in Ada, Cantrell’s experience includes serving as president of Save Domestic Oil, a nationwide coalition that enforces trade laws regarding oil dumping; president of the Oklahoma Independent Petroleum Association, the state’s largest energy association with 1,500 members; and co-founder and chairman of the Oklahoma Energy Resources Board, the nation’s first oil checkoff program.

While accepting the award, Cantrell said his success in the petroleum industry is due to the relationships he has developed over the years.

“What’s been important to me in my experience with the oil and natural gas industry is finding and cultivating good mentors, good partners and good friends,” Cantrell said.

Cantrell also serves the state and his community as a board member for the Oklahoma Foundation for Excellence, Grand River Dam Authority, Oklahoma Independent Petroleum Association, Oklahomans for Workers Compensation Reform, Oklahomans for Lawsuit Reform, Leadership Oklahoma and Citizens Bank of Ada.

Oklahoma Corporation Commissioner Denise Bode said Cantrell is an asset to the state.

“He’s an entrepreneur, a leader and one of the most creative people I know,” Bode said. “Because of Mike’s talents and passion for the industry and this state, he has made Oklahoma a better place for us all.”

Others honored at the museum awards dinner are Bill Parks and John Richardson of Seminole and Joe Sharber of Konawa.

The Oklahoma Oil Museum showcases the state’s oil history through indoor and outdoor exhibits, some of which date back 100 years. The museum has been operating for 6 years and is located at 1800 Wrangler Boulevard in Seminole.